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Migrating blog to 11ty from Gatsby

The old Gatsby was so old and convoluted that it gave me no joy to work with it.

So I ended up looking for an alternative.

At first I got excited about Remix but somehow it didn't click for me. I'm sure it's a good tool but for a different job. And then... I tried 11ty.

Eleventy and its blog starter turned out to be such a nice tool for the job.

I did everything in no time. I kinda miss React but not a lot. I can find a way to deal with the things that I need in simpler (sometimes faster ways). Yes, it's harder to implement interactive elements on the page without have React (or any UI library, for that matter).

But I can get around to it with some vanilla JS.

In the end I get more free time to spend on what matters — writing and reading.


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