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insertAdjacent* family of DOM methods

This is more of an appreciation post for how useful the insertAdjacent* family of helpers is as opposed to doing a full coverage on them.

To be specific, these are the methods, in the order of usage occurences in my day to day tasks:

All of these accept a special position descriptor as their 1st argument and a string or a node of Element type as the content that needs to be inserted in the desired place.

Possible values for position here are pretty self explanatory but for some reason I have to look them up anyway when I have to use the method:

<!-- beforebegin -->
  <!-- afterbegin -->

  <!-- beforeend -->
<!-- afterend -->

Maybe it's time to think of a good mnemonic for them?

Anyways, I just appreciate how concise and obvious the code that uses these helpers is, it just gets the job done in such an easy manner.

  .insertAdjacentHTML('beforebegin', '<div>Some very important ad.</div>');

Raw and imperative DOM manipulation isn't everyone's piece of cake for sure, but finding such gems in the browser APIs makes the whole process less of a hassle for me personally.

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