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Trick with JSON in JavaScript

Loved this writeup by Eduardo Bou├žas on custom JSON serializers/de-serializers.

Little did I know that JSON.stringify() has a third argument (it comes after the serializer function, described by Eduardo), which gives you a way to pretty print the output! It can be an int, which describes how many spaces should be used as an indentation.

JSON.stringify({a: 1, b: 2, c: {d: 3}}, null, 2)

  "a": 1,
  "b": 2,
  "c": {
    "d": 3

You can go even fancier than that, with a string -- which is going to be used in place of the white space:

JSON.stringify({a: 1, b: 2, c: {d: 3}}, null, '~>')

~>"a": 1,
~>"b": 2,
~>"c": {
~>~>"d": 3

Don't know where's this going to be useful, but it's fun, for the least. A complete description of the API is on MDN, of course.

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