Book: Company of One

March 11, 2019

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Title: Company of One
Author: Paul Jarvis

Execution is the only valid currency in business.

you don’t learn anything until you launch

Purpose is requried in that you have to have a north star that will drive you long-term without blinking out. A desire to get rich quick or achieve business fame isn’t going to motivate you for long, since neither is quickly possible, regardless of who you are.

If inflation is approximately 3 percent per year, then you got to make at least 3 percent per year in returns. This applies, by the way, to all the money in your bank account, since checking and savings accounts pay barely any interest.

you need to make sure your business is separated from yourself

There’s a satisfaction in reaching the point of enough in your business, and then knowing that you don’t have to explore every opportunity that comes up. This freedom allows you to run your company of one in your own way — a way that gives you a life you enjoy, fills your days with tasks you actually enjoy doing and brings you customers you actually want to serve.

There’s a point — and it’s different for everyone — where you having more won’t affect your quality of life. When your “enough” happens, it should be liberating.

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