Note: Request interceptors

January 23, 2019

I don’t like the idea about middlewares. It implies that I have to keep up a queue of entities liyng around somewhere in the memory waiting for a particular scenario to occur (like receiving a 400 response and performing a logout action). This seems to be the total opposite to ephemeral and short living functions that do their thing then go out of the way. It’s just too much of a mental burden to me.

In this post I’d like to propose a simpler alternative. In fact, we are not going to reinvent the wheel at all by creating one more API for firing up requests (probably because we already have too much of them). Instead, we’ll rely on the very popular & battle tested Fetch API. The proposed solution will be a simple function that has the exact same API as fetch(), but with some modified behavior.

Andrei Glingeanu

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